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What is AnyQuestions.co.nz?

Please note: AnyQuestions is closed for 2016. We will be open again at the start of the 2017 school year. We hope you all have a lovely summer break!

We offer online schoolwork help to New Zealand school students. Via the AnyQuestions.co.nz website, you can log on between 1pm and 6pm Monday to Friday and talk to a real person about your schoolwork.

Our Librarians are specially trained to help you find the answers you need (without giving you the answers of course!). Also, for those times our Librarians are not online, you can visit ManyAnswers.co.nz, which has answers to commonly asked questions here on AnyQuestions.

Adults can check out our Info for Adults page, which has a useful video and information about the service and how it operates.

Thanks for visiting AnyQuestions, we hope you find the service helpful!

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